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What you can do

Every country, including the Czech Republic, builds and develops its security system. Its principal objectives are to protect the residents, their lives, liberties and property, to defend its territory and to maintain public order. The main components of national security include the police, army and intelligence services.


One for all, all for one

In democratic regimes, the existence of even the best security services is impossible without a close cooperation with citizens. The world is not the safest place to live, and this is particularly true in times of increasing terror threats. In such times, we can no longer rely on professionals only, but we need every citizen who cares about his/ her homeland security to get actively involved.

Citizens are millions of ears and eyes and hardly anything escapes their notice. As our ancestors used to say, “Every soldier carries a marshal baton in his knapsack”, also today anyone of you can be the one who helps save lives and property of the people in the Czech Republic.

Yes, also you can contribute to security

How can you contribute to increase security? What are the threats? In addition to “traditional” threats known from the past, such as extremism and related radicalization, activities of foreign intelligence services and organized crime, there are also relatively new, modern threats, related to information warfare or organized cyber-attacks.

Terrorism is currently the major threat. Europe faces deteriorated security situation. Despite relatively safe environment in our country, it is necessary to be ready for crises that may come. We are a part of the globalized world, and therefore the risk of a terror attack in our country has increased.

The responsibility for our national internal security cannot lie upon the state, its bodies, only. All the citizens, including you, can contribute to security by their natural civil interest and readiness to cooperate with us.

You may be vigilant and you should be so, you should stay alert to any suspicious activities around you, to strange behavior. Do not underestimate even the slightest deviations from standard life situations that you can see or hear around you. You can happen to see unusual behavior also on social networks.

Terrorist must live somewhere, and there is certainly a place where they would prepare for terror attacks. In our country, terrorists may also conspire to commit an attack in another state. They live somewhere, go shopping, collect material, equipment and weapons, they rent means of transport, finance their activities. They may have also collaborators.

What to do next

If you have information that may useful for our work, please contact us. There are following options:

  1. Online form. Your message will be sent safely and you will see a confirmation.
  2. Free telephone line: +420 235 521 400. The line does not serve for general queries or recruitment of new service members.
  3. Standard letter. Please send it to Security Information Service address, P. O. BOX 1, Praha 57.

Postal correspondence takes more time to be delivered than electronic mails. Please consider the needed timeliness of your information.

Your information will be processed and assessed by our experts. Your personal information will be considered confidential.

Please remember that the scope of powers and responsibilities of the BIS is stipulated by the law. Therefore, we are not entitled to information on criminal activities; please report such information to the Police of the Czech Republic.


If you have any questions related to employment at the BIS, please see our career site: You will find the answers for the most common questions.

If you need a more specific answers or face issues with BIS job application or with downloading the questionnaire for the applicants, please contact our human resources officers at or +420 224 235 496.

It is not possible to accept invitations to attend career events or to create educational materials, sent via the website.

Contact for media

If you work for media and have questions concerning the BIS, please contact the press officer by email at or by telephone at +420 257 142 007.

General questions and feedback

If you would like to provide us with a feedback or ask a general question, please contact us via the contact form. The nature of our work prevents us from guaranteeing that we will be able to answer all the questions.



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