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Who we are

The Security Information Service (BIS) is a Czech intelligence agency active within the Czech Republic. It reports to the Government of the Czech Republic, which oversees its work regulated by Act No. 154/1994 Coll., on the Security Information Service. The Service has the status of an armed security corps. Service officials are employed under a contract of service. They are entitled to hold and carry a service fire-arm and to use it for reasonable defense or in a situation of extreme distress - just as any other citizen.


The powers and responsibilities of the BIS are defined by Act No. 153/1994 Coll., on the Intelligence Services of the Czech Republic. The Service reports on its findings to the Government (Prime Minister and cabinet ministers) and to the President of the Czech Republic. It is strictly apolitical and has no repressive powers - it cannot detain, arrest or interrogate suspects. In its activities it consistently respects human rights and freedoms. If the Service is forced to interfere it always acts in compliance with the law.

In spite of the secret nature of its work, which is necessary for fulfilling the tasks which with it has been entrusted, the BIS is an intelligence service of a democratic state and is funded through taxation. Therefore, taxpayers have the right to know what we do and how we work.

The message which the Security Information Service seeks to convey to all citizens can be summed up as follows:

“If you are not a terrorist or a spy, you do not jeopardize the democratic system, the security and economic interests of the state, you do not disclose classified information, are not involved in organized crime and maintain no contact with people who do not have a clear conscience in these respects, you have no reason to fear that you will attract our interest.”

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