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Inspection Department

The Inspection Department reporting directly to the BIS Director monitors various activities of the Service. It focuses mainly on detecting and investigating misdemeanors and criminal offences committed by BIS officers. In doing so the Inspection Department has the powers of a police body.

The Inspection Department holds a special position. It reports directly to the BIS Director, it is detached from other BIS departments and as stipulated by the Czech Criminal Code it has the powers of a police body. These powers are related to the fact that the Inspection Department focuses mainly on detecting and investigating misdemeanors and criminal offences committed by BIS officers. The Inspection Department has the powers to investigate, look for clues and gather evidence needed for solving a case. Moreover, it is authorized to directly cooperate with the police. Furthermore, the Inspection Department handles complaints about BIS activities made by the public.

If the Inspection Department obtains information about a criminal offence committed by a BIS officer, it uses its police powers and launches its own investigation. If the suspicions are confirmed, the whole case is handed over to the public prosecutor. If the suspicions are not confirmed, the case is shelved. If the Inspection rules that a BIS officer committed a misdemeanor, it refers the case to his/her superior who decides about the nature and character of the disciplinary punishment.

The Inspection Department does not play only a repressive role. It also carries out standard oversight. Based on its pre-defined tasks (and on ad-hoc tasks assigned by the BIS Director) it oversees a number of activities, e.g.: the use of intelligence technology, the filing of intelligence documents, the use of fuel and service vehicles, etc. Furthermore, the Inspection Department provides legal aid to BIS officers facing difficulties.

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