Security Information Service (BIS)

Intelligence Service of the Czech Republic

BIS crest, Service pledge and Service badge

BIS crest


The BIS crest was created in 1991 - 1992 - at a time when the newly emerging intelligence service was in the need of an appropriate logo. The first crest - at that time the crest of the Federal Security Information Service - was created by the artist Jan Glozar who based his design on the following principles: symbolizing working methods, expressing statehood, tenacity, astuteness, vigilance, speed and respect.


The Czech large national emblem on the breast of an eagle partially covered by the eagle’s wing is at the center of the crest. The Latin motto: “Audi, vide, tace” is at the top of the crest and the name “BIS” is at its bottom. The eagle is a symbol of astuteness, vigilance, speed, tenacity and respect. The Latin motto captures the principal qualities of an intelligence officer - intelligence officers have to be good listeners perceptive to their surroundings, who keep silent about their work - i.e. individuals obeying the main principles of intelligence work. The large national emblem underlines the fact that BIS officials are civil servants committed to protecting state interests. Its position on the eagle’s breast highlights the priority of state interests over personal interests. The eagle and its wing partially covering the emblem symbolize the protection of statehood and the fact that all attempts to violate this protection will be punished.



Service pledge


„I pledge on my honor and conscience that I will not be biased in fulfilling my service duties; that I will observe legal and service regulations, follow the orders of my superiors and never abuse my position. My behavior will never jeopardize the good reputation of the Service. I will fulfill my service tasks properly and dutifully and will not hesitate to risk my life in order to protect the interests of the Czech Republic.”



Service badge


The front side of the badge is green and blue. The following badge features on its front side have a white background: the name of the Service - “Bezpečnostní informační služba” (Security Information Service); the holder’s photograph; the card registration number; and the issue date. The BIS Director’s signature is in the lower right corner of the badge together with the designation of his position. Tilting the badge to the correct viewing angle will display the label BIS three times. A square holograph sticker is in the middle of the front side of the badge with “BIS” written in every corner. Depending on the viewing angle either an outline map of the Czech Republic or the national emblem with two lions and two eagles is visible among small “Czech Republic” inscriptions. The front side of the badge is laminated with film with wavy small inscriptions “Bezpečnostní informační služba” - one of them clearly visible in white letter in the lower part of the badge.


The holder’s first name and surname is printed on the back side of the Service badge.