Security Information Service (BIS)

Intelligence Service of the Czech Republic


The powers and responsibilities of the BIS in regard to securing information on cybersecurity

  • Section 5, paragraph 1, letter d) of Act No. 153/1994 Coll., on the Intelligence Services of the Czech Republic – the BIS secures information on activities the consequences of which may jeopardize the security or major economic interests of the Czech Republic
  • Section 5, paragraph 4 of Act No. 153/1994 Coll., on the Intelligence Services of the Czech Republic – the BIS fulfills other tasks as defined by specific legislation or international treaties by which the Czech Republic is bound


The BIS devotes attention to phenomena and activities within its powers and responsibilities possibly affecting the security interests of the Czech Republic or presenting a real or potential threat to the communication infrastructure and its users, and therefore devotes attention also to cybersecurity.


Worldwide developments in information and communication technologies over the last few years have led intelligence services to start focusing on cybersecurity. However, these developments are linked not only to indisputable advantages but also pose new risks and threats which interest various security institutions, including intelligence services.


Cyberspace is not confined to natural borders of states or continents, therefore keeping track of new developments and wide international cooperation among security institutions and entities developing new technologies is vital in order to ensure that security institutions adopt an effective approach to targeted attacks damaging information and communication systems.


The BIS looks into various types of cyber attacks affecting protected interests of the Czech Republic. Furthermore, it gathers and analyses information on real or potential threats and risks related to the existence of strategic information and communication systems. The destruction or disruption of such systems could seriously impact the security of the Czech Republic and the country’s economic interests. The above mentioned systems include: systems run by state offices, public administration authorities and other juridical persons also from the private sector. The general perception is that these systems are protected by heightened security given their importance or their potential inclusion on the list of critical infrastructure entities in the Czech Republic.


In order to ensure cybersecurity, the BIS keeps track of various online discussion boards used to trade in personal data or other sensitive information. These discussion boards are often a market for supplying and demanding different types of cyber attacks, exchanging know-how, etc.